“Where thou art, that is home.” -Emily Dickinson (American Poet) Advertisements


You can sense when you are walking into a holy place. Some have the ability to sense when a place is holy, some find themselves perpetually in a place that is holy, and some have the ability to make a place holy. I stood at the foot of a thousand stairs, a holy place, and…


“My dear friend, clear your mind of can’t.” -Samuel Johnson (Author)


There is no place for fear, in my body…. only sound judgment, only wisdom. It has been nearly two weeks since I packed up my life and left my hometown to move to a place completely foreign to me. I found myself catapulted into a whirlwind of new experiences and pressures that overwhelmed my senses…


“[Wo]man cannot discover new oceans, until [s]he has courage to lose sight of the shore”. – Andre Gide (French Author)


I am 8 years old in a photo I recently found. In this photo I am standing in the middle of a “court” within my then public housing community located in the projects of South Baltimore. Just before this photo was taken. I remember rummaging through my grandmother’s closet and finding a sparkling silver colored…